Each district has its own soul, its history and specific environment. Lisbon is a city you can visit by foot, it is one of the reason why it is easier to visit it when you know which way to take and which places to go. Coming from Alfama, Bairro Alto, Principe Real, Chiado, they all have something special to offer !


Thus, it is through the most interesting districts Lisbon offers that we are going to discover the city. The districts situated in the South of Lisbon and near the Tagus sides, Baixa and Chiado (including Praça do Comércio) are difficult to be differentiated. They have a common point: both were rebuilt after the tragic earthquake of 1755.

One has more a linear shape in accordance with Marquis of Pombal will: Baixa. The other one has more a distinctive architecture: Chiado. They both kept the will to maintain a traditional shape, even if the massive arrival of tourists has made easier the settlement of more trendy shops and restaurants than traditional ones.


Chiado used to be the district where artist and hopeful young people from the wealthy Lisbon reunited. Nowadays, it’ s a mix between charming and an adjustment with the massive tourist arrivals. There is as much very visited shopping streets as small shops, coffees, old shops that continues to exist in a developing district.

History of Lisboa

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