The decrease in prices recorded between 2008 and 2012 is only of 10% (according to the 25% observed in the country). As an example, a 3 rooms apartment around 100 square meter was sold at 320 000 euros in 2008, at 265 000 euros in mid-2013 and at 350 000 euros in April 2015. According to Immovirtual, the average price in Lisbon is currently 3426€ per square meter for an apartment and 3517€ per square meter for a house, all conditions included (new, old renovated and old to be renovated).


The average price for the Lisbon metropolitan area real estate is :


- 4 000€ per square meter for new-build (the majority of launches are in dynamic and prestigious areas)


- 2 000€ per square meter for the second market in the Greater Lisbon


Prices per square meter in the historical Lisbon are found between :


- 3200€ and 9000€ per square meter depending on the districts, even though it is still a low price in comparison to the other European capitals.


However, it is necessary to take into consideration that those data are from 2015, real estate prices in Lisbon rose for almost 20% in the last trimester of 2017, compared to the same period of 2016, carried out by the tourism and investment for foreigners.

The data published this year by the Institut National de la Statistique have shown an increase of 18.1% in the price per square meter in the capital, at 1.262 euros on average.

In Portugal, the average price for the square meter rose to 7.6% over a year in the 4th trimester of 2017, to 932 euros the square meter.

According to analysts, this increase is expected to continue this year, because of the strong demand from foreigners’ investors, enjoying the real estate prices much more advantageous than in the other European capitals.

The rise in tourism also stimulates the purchase of properties for holiday rental.

Obviously, those prices are balanced by many factors, such as :

  • New or renovated buildings
  • Building equipment
  • Proximity with touristic places – Shops easily accessible
  • Popular districts or quite residential
  • Renovation ongoing...

So many subjective criteria that only the future buyer can appreciate by himself during his future visits to Lisbon.

Price evolution in Lisbon

Price evolution in Lisbon

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