Lisbon is the capital but also the biggest city of Portugal. Considered as an “international city” according to the rankings of 2010 from the Network of studies on globalization and global cities Taipei, Miami, Warsaw or Munich, Lisbon is also the county town of Lisbon, the Greater Lisbon and the Lisbon metropolitan area.


According to the 2011 census, the municipality has a population of 545 733 inhabitants, divided in an area of 83.7 km2. The Lisbon urban area, also called Greater Lisbon (Grande Lisboa), has a population slightly superior to 2.042 million of inhabitants, which makes it the 15th largest European urban area. As for its urban area, 2 821 876 inhabitants are registered, representing 26.7% of the Portuguese population. It is the richest city from Portugal, with a GDP per capita higher than the average GDP of the European Union.

The city of Lisbon

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